dia 1

My first glance of Brazil. I would have imagined it greener. But maybe it is and I just don’t see it from the plane.

2017-04-25 — Somewhere

dia 2

Today it is stormy and rainy and some plants on the balcony fell down.

2017-04-26 — São Paulo

dia 3

I wonder if I will get used to the safety measures everywhere.

2017-04-27 — São Paulo Moema

dia 4

4-year-old Lucas does not give up teaching me Portuguese words like piratinha which means little pirate. He seems to be a little exhausted at the end of the day.

2017-04-28 — São Paulo

dia 5

Today, I noticed this stone in a car park and it made me laugh. Horst prevents the cars from driving too fast.

2017-04-29 — São Paulo

dia 6

This picture shows pretty good the impression I received from São Paulo so far. – So Brazil IS green actually.

2017-04-30 — São Paulo, MASP

dia 7

I like the living room of my new apartment really much.

2017-05-01 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 8

My first day at work. The socket seems a little worried, but I am not.

2017-05-02 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 9

The night starts early in São Paulo. Dusk is approaching around 17:30.

2017-05-03 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 10

Some flowers are living in this tree. I have never seen something like that before.

2017-05-04 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 11

There was much rain last night. Because it was so loud that I could’t sleep, I stayed awake and listened carefully.

2017-05-05 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 12

Today, I planned to go to the opening of Japan House. But the queue was so long that I did something else.

2017-05-06 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista

dia 13

On sunday we went 1x by metro, 3x by uber, 1x by Taxi and 1x by a friend’s car.

2017-05-07 — São Paulo, Sacomã

dia 14

Just me snailing by bus on rush hour …

2017-05-08 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 15

When the weather is nice, I like to go for a walk at lunchtime.

2017-05-09 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 16

When I came home today, I found this on my desk. It is made of sage and other herbs and smells intensive but good. The rest is a long story.

2017-05-10 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 17

After work I visited a big bookstore. There were many people around – reading, chatting or having a coffee with friends.

2017-05-11 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista

dia 18

Today I tried to be useful.

2017-05-12 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 19

My first feijoada. It is a stew of beans with beef and pork that is traditionally served on wednesdays and saturdays here. It looks interesting and tastes delicious.

2017-05-13 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 21

I had to take a day off for recovering from some stupid virus infection. But with sun and a soft breeze in my room it wasn’t too bad.

2017-05-15 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 20

I noticed that some people use fresh concrete for communication. You can find it everywhere in the city. I nearly left a trace last week – but by accident.

2017-05-14 — São Paulo, Vila Mariana

dia 22

I like the animals on Brazilian bank notes – especially the turtle. For some reason I’m not able to take a nice photo of it. Maybe it’s too shy.

2017-05-16 — São Paulo

dia 23

Mar aberto e livre, não visível, somente o fiorde sinuoso. – I finished my first portuguese book and I am a little proud.

2017-05-17 — São Paulo

dia 24

Every evening, I pass this flowershop. It is so white and illuminated that you might see it from the moon. One house further is a second shop that looks exactly the same.

2017-05-18 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 25

We’re taking a trip to the beach this weekend. During the journey we stopped at a huge supermarket.

2017-05-19 — Caraguatatuba

dia 26

Although the weather is not great it feels so good to see the Atlantic.

2017-05-20 — Caraguatatuba

dia 27

When you think that you better look out for the three headed monkey …

2017-05-21 — Caraguatatuba

dia 28

At some point I must have started eating banana with everything. I just realized that. Find in this picture: salad with scrambled eggs and banana. True story.

2017-05-22 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 29

Politically, there is much going on at the moment.

2017-05-23 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista

dia 30

In the cultural centre nearby you can watch films for only 2 reais (about 55 cents). Today I saw a French film with Portuguese subtitles: Hiroshima, mon amour.

2017-05-24 — Centro Cultural São Paulo

dia 31

Tonight I feel like that bamboo scultpure: In pieces but stuck together. Fragile. And transparent. Impressive how you start reflecting yourself in a strange environment. You are everywhere confronted with yourself. I am not sure if I like it. — Oh, and you might have guessed: I finally made it to Japan House.

2017-05-25 — São Paulo, Japan House

dia 32

Under this number you can get some spiritual help from tarot. I am a big fan of the posters. Maybe I should call and tell them, when my Portuguese is better.

2017-05-26 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 33

When you start to realize how big São Paulo really is.

2017-05-27 — São Paulo, Edificio Italia

dia 34

Ground Control to Major Tom: I went to Parque do Ibirapuera. In future, there will be more posts about it because it is simply amazing. Here I am in Oca Pavilion.

2017-05-28 — São Paulo, Ibirapuera

dia 35

Going by bus is more of a rollercoaster experience: Short way up (with roaring motor) followed by the long way down in high speed and adventurous curves. Hands-up enhances the experience. Unfortunately, whoo-ing is not much appreciated.

2017-05-29 — São Paulo, Av. Brigadeiro Luís Antônio

dia 36

I really do.

2017-05-30 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 37

It’s autumn in Brazil. There is this special light with long shadows. But without cold weather my German november depression seems far away.

2017-05-31 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 38

Every day when I am waiting for the bus, I watch this guy doing workout in the middle of the street. He often practices something like kickboxing but today he did sit-ups.

2017-06-01 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista

dia 39

For German standards the electrical system here is a little special. Today I walked (again) in an open cable end hanging on the level of my face. Maybe it could be the idea for a great a jump’n’run game?

2017-06-02 — São Paulo, Paraíso

dia 40

Tonight, I was at first with bad luck (I queued quite long for a cinema ticket but when there were only five people before me, all tickets were gone) and then I was with good luck (a boy offered me a friend’s ticket). So karma and me enjoyed the film together.

2017-06-03 — São Paulo, Cine Sesc

dia 41

What I love about the city is the graphical play of patterns, colors and shadows.

2017-06-04 — São Paulo, Liberdade

dia 42

Today, I woke up with the sun. That was quite clever because it started to rain afterwards and still hasn’t stopped.

2017-06-05 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 43

A guy is selling second-hand books on the bridge that I cross everyday. The row spans the whole bridge.

2017-06-06 — São Paulo, Paraíso

dia 44

New discovery: Brazilians use huge umbrellas (maybe because of the tiny summershoes and tanktops underneath). I prefer my tiny umbrella and my huge German jacket and feel a little bourgeois.

2017-06-07 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 45

On thursday I saw an amazing concert. Afterwards it was so late and I was so tired from dancing that I couldn’t write a blog entry.

2017-06-08 — São Paulo, CCSP

dia 46

I try to impress my Brazilian friends with a German birthday dinner, which is a little adventurous because everything is different and it is not easy to find the right ingredients. Vamos ver …

2017-06-09 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 47

Every birthday, I feel like the world is staring at me – asking: how is your life going so far? Today, I just smiled gently and gave it a wink.

2017-06-10 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 48

Today, I am enjoying a creative afternoon in the studio of a friend, who is a jewellery designer. Brazilian music, sun and some cake feel like the right environment for creative work.

2017-06-11 — São Paulo, Vila Madalena

dia 49

I found these magazines on the bridge. The second-hand guy must have left them there. They are from 1973 and full of strange illustrations and images.

2017-06-12 — São Paulo, Paraíso

dia 50

I love every aspect of these two magazines lying next to each other.

2017-06-13 — São Paulo, Paraíso

dia 51

On my way to the supermarket I pass this graffiti.

2017-06-14 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 52

I spend the weekend in Rio. It is so beautiful that it feels a little unreal.

2017-06-15 — Rio de Janeiro

dia 53

Sorry, it is just me with another epic view of Rio, but I had a marvellous short trip with friends. We even saw a monkey (and fortunately no snakes so far).

2017-06-16 — Rio de Janeiro, Mirante Dona Marta

dia 54

One picture per day can be really hard – maybe this is the essence: I managed to do nearly nothing that I’ve planned but had the most wonderful day.

2017-06-17 — Rio de Janeiro, MAR

dia 55

This is the Botanical Garden of Rio. Cristo Redentor is hiding in the trees.

2017-06-18 — Rio de Janeiro, Jardim Botânico

dia 56

The plane landed yesterday, but I needed a day to arrive. Work helps.

2017-06-19 — In between

dia 57

Although it is cold and rainy some trees started to bloom.

2017-06-20 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 58

I had some nice electronical night with Fronte Violeta.

2017-06-21 — São Paulo, Consolação

dia 59

Yesterday I saw this »thing« in the streets. It is made of peanuts and red peppers. A friend told me that it might be related to Macumba, an African-Brazilian religion that is difficult to google.

2017-06-22 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 60

The mint tea is always greener on the other side.

2017-06-23 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 61

I love to go to the market every saturday. I eat a pastel and buy fruits and vegetables for the whole week. For about 15 Euro I got all of this.

2017-06-24 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 62

The couch potato in me hoped that São Paulo would be too dangerous to go for a run. Today, it gave up and admitted that it is not.

2017-06-25 — São Paulo, Parque Aclimação

dia 63

My head is too full or too empty to find a good sentence today. So that’s it: This looks nice and I like banana.

2017-06-26 — São Paulo, Vila Madalena

dia 64

With an estimated pulse of 200, me and my Portuguese went to the hairdresser today.

2017-06-27 — São Paulo, Consolação

dia 65

Sometimes I feel like having a mystical connection to the book-selling guy on the bridge. He tends to leave books there that answer my open questions. Today I found an old one about Brazilian traditions and history – there is even some information about that Macumba thing in it.

2017-06-28 — São Paulo, Paraíso

dia 66

Once a week Sonia comes to our place to clean and do the laundry. She even orders my desk. It is definitely the best day to come home.

2017-06-29 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 67

I love it when the day starts with good news. Greetings to Germany (archive image – the weather is great actually).

2017-06-30 — São Paulo, Moema

dia 68

A really special person gave me three “travel nuts” before I left Munich. You can tell them if you have sorrows or feel alone. They have been a perfect entourage so far.

2017-07-01 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 69

I cannot stop taking pictures of São Paulo street art.

2017-07-02 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista

dia 70

A mosquito just bit me four times in my leg – in my own living room, through my trousers and without me even noticing. Well played, little friend. You always meet twice.

2017-07-03 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 71

Today, I took the wrong bus and went to Santa Cruz. I really liked the metro station there – looked like a place Dr. No might choose as a new headquarter.

2017-07-04 — São Paulo, Santa Cruz

dia 72

I try to post something but my computer prefers celebrating some big brazilian glitch party.

2017-07-05 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 73

In the afternoon I felt so cold that I tried Tiramisu tea.

2017-07-06 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 74

My Metro station is called “Paraíso” meaning “Paradise”. Others have names like “Liberdade” (Freedom), “Consolação” (Consolation), “Luz” (Light), “Socorro” (Help) or “Saúde” (Health). It’s nice, isn’t it?

2017-07-07 — São Paulo, Paraíso

dia 75

I finally made it to another tourist hot spot and found out that it feels more like an open air photo studio there. To be part of it, I took a selfie, too.

2017-07-08 — São Paulo, Vila Madalena, Beco do Batman

dia 76

In the afternoon I took a long walk in Ibirapuera Park.

2017-07-09 — São Paulo, Parque Ibirapuera

dia 77

Sometimes I am really tired of not understanding and not being able to articulate myself. In these moments I do things like painting faces on bananas. Normally that helps.

2017-07-10 — São Paulo, Aclimacão

dia 78

Gaby and Fábio did some experiments with spray paint.

2017-07-11 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 79

Some language anarchy is going on in my head this week. I started speaking English, Portuguese, German (and once even French) randomly with anyone – most of the time without noticing.

2017-07-12 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 80

Every evening I find this feather somewhere in our living room and put it on the table. But it never stays there – the day after I find it somewhere else.

2017-07-13 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 81

I realized that it is much easier for me to focus here. In the last weeks I read a lot about Brazilian design and architecture for example.

2017-07-14 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 82

I want to do more sports. So I went to a sports club, which is quite in front of our apartment, and asked about courses.

2017-07-15 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 83

I found some time for drawing this weekend.

2017-07-16 — São Paulo, Vila Madalena

dia 84

You know that it is winter when the flowers start to fall.

2017-07-17 — São Paulo, Vila Madalena

dia 85

Today is too cold, too windy and too monochrome.

2017-07-18 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 86

When I came home, magical light, japanese curry and Enya waited for me.

2017-07-20 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 87

Despite little setbacks like mixing up sobretudo (=coat) with sobremesa (=dessert) the language confusion seems to get better.

2017-07-19 — São Paulo, Pinheiros

dia 88

I enjoyed some nightlife downtown.

2017-07-21 — São Paulo, Sé

dia 89

All of this is one tree. It is growing in every possible direction – ignoring how a »normal« tree should look.

2017-07-22 — São Paulo, Parque Ibirapuera

dia 90

Today I made some plans.

2017-07-23 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 91

New friends moved in for keeping an eye on the apartment.

2017-07-24 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 92

Gaby bought some Philodendron leaves at the market. You can put them in water – like flowers – and they will last for a month.

2017-07-25 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 93

Every morning I pass the quote of the day. Today it is Bruce Lee: »It’s not what happens that counts. It’s how you react.«

2017-07-26 — São Paulo, Paraíso

dia 94

Yesterday I was invited to my first Sauna birthday party.

2017-07-27 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 95

Some Brazilians claim the title of the world’s best pizza for São Paulo. I don’t know if that is true, but this one was delicious, actually.

2017-07-28 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 96

Saturday, I visited an exhibition of Chihiro Yoshikawa, a Japanese artist that lived for two weeks in our apartment. We will miss her.

2017-07-29 — São Paulo, Santa Cecília

dia 97

Wide views on the Sampa are rare. Normally there are too much buildings in the way. Today I had the chance to enjoy this one.

2017-07-30 — São Paulo, Butantã

dia 98

One thing I adore is the anarchy of colours in Brazil. Whereas Germany is more about picking a signal colour and combining it with grey scale, lots of strong colours can interact in Brazil. This image shows a detail of a painting from Wanda Pimentel.

2017-07-31 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista, MASP

dia 99

A nice contrast to yesterday: Some tiny japanese paper flowers – made with only a sharpener – that I just saw in the exhibition »Subtle«.

2017-08-01 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista, Japan House

dia 100

I found this drawn map on our table and it remembered me, how often I did things like that at the beginning. Is that already some nostalgia on day 100?

2017-08-02 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 101

Today, I visited accidentally the end of the world. I did not know that you can go up there by elevator.

2017-08-03 — Campinas, Aeroporto Viracopos

dia 102

Last weekend, I saw an exhibition of Toulouse Lautrec that really impressed me.

2017-08-04 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista, MASP

dia 103

On the weekends I try to spend some time learning more about Brazil.

2017-08-05 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista, Itaú Cultural

dia 104

Nice sunday at home with Moqueca, friends and polka dot socks.

2017-08-06 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 105

To see so many people living on the streets causes me grief every day. I wanted to adress that topic for a long time – but it is hard to find an appropriate picture. Probably the worst is that I start to get used to it.

2017-08-07 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista

dia 106

Today, I had a business meeting.

2017-08-08 — São Paulo, Vila Olímpia

dia 107

They have round pizza boxes here. And the pizza fits exactly in there.

2017-08-09 — São Paulo, Rua Augusta

dia 108

Downtown São Paulo is a rather uneasy place – especially at night. At the same time a majority of creative live happens there. Today, I visited this nice co-working space.

2017-08-10 — São Paulo, Centro

dia 109

How to fix your bike in the bus – question anyone? Special mention for number 4.

2017-08-12 — São Paulo, Av. Brigadeiro Luís Antônio

dia 110

Although the city is huge, it took us only one hour to reach this place in the countryside for celebrating »Goodbye« (or »See-you-soon«?) with Helena.

2017-08-12 — São Bernardo do Campo, Alvarenga

dia 111

I stared so long at one of our plants that this flower fell down.

2017-08-13 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 112

The to-do list is long this week. Just »producing chaos« is already done.

2017-08-14 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 113

Characteristic for São Paulo’s cityscape are »Pixos«, a radical form of urban communication via lettering. You can see an interesting documentation about it on vimeo.

2017-08-15 — São Paulo, Consolação

dia 114

In many Metro stations you can find artworks: Wall paintings, poems and sometimes even temporary exhibitions.

2017-08-16 — São Paulo, Paraíso

dia 115

You know that you have worked too much when you dream about triangles.

2017-08-17 — São Paulo, Av. Brigadeiro Luís Antônio

dia 116

Today, a friend arrived.

2017-08-18 — São Paulo, Vila Madalena, Beco do Batman

dia 117

It took me 4 months to see my first samba.

2017-08-19 — São Paulo, Centro

dia 118

Mood is good although the weather tries to intervene.

2017-08-20 — São Paulo, Pinheiros

dia 119

Today, we landed in Belo Horizonte.

2017-08-21 — Belo Horizonte, Praça da Liberdade, CCBB

dia 120

In Ouro Preto, we visited some mines and found Walter.

2017-08-22 — Ouro Preto

dia 121

Inhotim is a huge open air museum near Belo Horizonte. The mixture of pavilons filled with artworks, nature and breathtaking views gave us a most wonderful day.

2017-08-23 — Minas Gerais, Inhotim

dia 122

Today, we ate just once.

2017-08-24 — Belo Horizonte, Trevo

dia 123

Rio gave us a warm welcome with the first good weather after a week of rain there.

2017-08-25 — Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema

dia 124

We supported the Association of Brazilian Bagpipers with some money to give them the possibility to attend the South American Championship of Bagpipes in Santiago de Chile.

2017-08-26 — Rio de Janeiro, Centro

dia 125

The way up was rather adventerous but the view from Sugar Loaf was simply marvellous.

2017-08-28 — Rio de Janeiro, Pão de Açúcar

dia 126

Santa Teresa is a bohemian neighbourhood in central Rio. You can reach it with an old cable car.

2017-08-28 — Rio de Janeiro, Santa Teresa

dia 127

During our arrival on Ilha Grande, I realized that this is probably my first time in Brazil without the sound of cars.

2017-08-29 — Ilha Grande

dia 128

Within 2.5h you can hike to the other side of the island and visit the ruins of an old prison.

2017-08-30 — Ilha Grande

dia 129

The day started rainy, so we had the beach for ourselves.

2017-08-31 — Ilha Grande

dia 130

In the morning we travelled with the »Aquaholic« from Ilha Grande to Paraty.

2017-09-01 — Ilha Grande

dia 131

Today, we climbed barefoot through the jungle, took a bath in a natural pool and I ignored a snake.

2017-09-02 — Trinidade

dia 132

Before we went to the bus station, we enjoyed a calm sunday morning in Paraty.

2017-09-03 — Paraty

dia 133

Getting back to work was hard.

2017-09-04 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 134

People keep asking me which part of the travel I liked tho most. I cannot really say – but maybe it was this morning in the hammock with a little bird.

2017-09-05 — Ilha Grande

dia 135

The portions tend to be a little bigger in Brazil.

2017-09-06 — São Paulo, Ana Rosa

dia 136

One of the strangest experiences is that – while my germanness expects the autumn – it is getting warmer here every day.

2017-09-07 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 137

I am still struggling with finding back to my everyday life. Meanwhile here is a cat picture.

2017-09-08 — Ilha Grande

dia 138

I tried to put myself into some vacuum. I hope it will keep me fresh for the next 31 years.

2017-09-09 — São Paulo, Centro Cultural Banco de Brasil

dia 139

I really liked this blindfolded drawing performance on saturday night. Later we went to a Karaoke bar.

2017-09-10 — São Paulo, Consolação

dia 140

Although I walk the same way home every day, I keep recognizing new details.

2017-09-11 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista

dia 141

Some things are everywhere in the world the same. Like there will always be the two tallest guys in the room between you and Devendra.

2017-09-12 — São Paulo, Butantã

dia 142

My new project is going by bike. Considering the traffic I haven’t decided if it is more or less healthy than going by bus though.

2017-09-13 — São Paulo, Moema

dia 143

Because Brazilian winter keeps ignoring its own existence, we enjoy a week of sunshine and over 30 degrees.

2017-09-14 — São Paulo, Vila Madalena

dia 144

First client of the day waited already on my desk this morning.

2017-09-15 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 145

In quiet moments, like when I was running this morning, I cannot believe that I live in a city with over 12 million people.

2017-09-16 — São Paulo, Parque Aclimação

dia 146

One of the best things in São Paulo are the free concerts in Auditório Ibirapuera. The stage opens towards the parc and everyone can sit down, enjoy the warm night and listen. Maybe he won’t even realize that Philip Glass is playing.

2017-09-17 — São Paulo, Parque Ibirapuera

dia 147

During a bike tour on saturday I found some nice new spots downtown.

2017-09-18 — São Paulo, Praça Franklin Roosevelt

dia 148

I am a big fan of my neighbourhood’s shop decoration.

2017-09-19 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 149

The end boss on my way home is Rua Dr Rafael de Barros. It leads about 800 metres all the way up to Paulista. Due to my standard handycap (rental bike) I need all of my new superpower (sweating behind the ears) to succeed.

2017-09-20 — São Paulo, Paraíso

dia 150

Lesson for today: Fresh kurkuma looks like ginger and colors your finger really yellow.

2017-09-21 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 151

For a new project I started to learn more about Brazilian modernistic architecture.

2017-09-23 — São Paulo, Higienópolis

dia 152

Even prohibition signs seem to be a little relaxter here.

2017-09-23 — São Paulo, Parque Aclimação

dia 153

Looking from the distance, the only big winner seems to be separation today. The question for the future might be, what happens to the space in between.

2017-09-24 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista, Japan House

dia 154

I think what I miss the most at the moment is some nice grey dark rainy day. Strange German soul …

2017-09-25 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 155

One of my São Paulo favourites is this strange no smoking sign. You can find it at many public places: buildings, buses, parking lots. The form comes from the logo of São Paulo state’s government.

2017-09-26 — São Paulo, Vila Cordeiro

dia 156

This is a sculpture made of soapy bubbles.

2017-09-27 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista, Japan House

dia 157

I refuse to call it rain, let’s say the air is wetter than usual today.

2017-09-28 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 158

I started to see squares and triangles everywhere this week.

2017-09-29 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 159

As usual, the saturday started with a visit on the market. Even here the graphical patters keep following me.

2017-09-30 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 160

My sunday ended with Radiohead and some quiet evening colors.

2017-10-01 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 161

I think about hijacking this name.

2017-10-02 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 162

My computer was not only incredible slow today – some cruel glitch kept showing me all the time two loading wheels.

2017-10-03 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 163

I bought a folder for work to fulfil my secret desire of organising documents.

2017-10-04 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 164

I fell in love with this play of light at lunchtime.

2017-10-05 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 165

The week ended with music, flowers and friends.

2017-10-06 — São Paulo, CCSP

dia 166

This place looks like art but is not art.

2017-10-07 — São Paulo, Barra Funda

dia 167

I have no idea what happened in my camera here, but I like it.

2017-10-08 — São Paulo, Sesc Pompéia

dia 168

I love old elevator button panels.

2017-10-09 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 169

SESC Pompéia is a former industrial area that was rebuilt by Brazilian/Italian architect Lina Bo Bardi. Nowadays it is a cultural and sports centre.

2017-10-10 — São Paulo, Sesc Pompéia

dia 170

I have the flu this week. My head feels not that great.

2017-10-12 — São Paulo, Sesc Pompéia

dia 171

I was really impressed by this green tea’s grade of greenness.

2017-10-12 — São Paulo, Consolação

dia 172

Riviera bar is a São Paulo classic – with nice drinks and the right amount of 60s vibe.

2017-10-13 — São Paulo, Consolação

dia 173

My favourite Brazilian beer is called »Eisenbahn«. Does that sound strange?

2017-10-14 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 174

I am finally realizing that summer is coming. Also because we need to get up an hour earlier now.

2017-10-15 — São Paulo, Jardim Paulista

dia 175

Another new spot in Avenida Paulista is Instituto Moreira Salles.

2017-10-16 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista

dia 176

The lamp above my desk stays constantly optimistic.

2017-10-17 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 177

As there is still daylight when I return from work, I keep discovering new views this week.

2017-10-18 — São Paulo, Paraíso

dia 178

Speaking of details – I really like the painted tiles everywhere around.

2017-10-19 — São Paulo, Paraíso

dia 179

I really enjoy the rainy days here. The water cleans the air and brings a fresh breeze.

2017-10-20 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 180

I used this saturday to see some things from another point of view.

2017-10-21 — São Paulo, Vila Madalena

dia 181

The eggs we bought at the market were wrapped in a Korean Brazilian newspaper.

2017-10-22 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 182

I really like this record.

2017-10-23 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 183

My living room is going through some really relaxed times lately.

2017-10-24 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 184

Lunch was surprisingly sunny.

2017-10-25 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 185

I had some nearly German dinner today. Although I was sure that I did not miss the bread, I think I missed the bread.

2017-10-26 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 186

When the weather is nice I take my breakfast in the hammock.

2017-10-27 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 187

I am a big fan of restroom poetry. This wall kept me reading for a while.

2017-10-28 — São Paulo, CCSP

dia 188

Every sunday, one of the biggest avenues, Av Paulista, gets closed for cars and some big street festival takes place.

2017-10-29 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista

dia 189

I saw some exhibitions on the weekend.

2017-10-30 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista

dia 190

Input of the day from David, Teresinha, Bob, John, George, Paul and Ringo.

2017-10-31 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista

dia 191

My roommate brought these stones from a special waterfall. He says they give the apartment a good energy.

2017-11-01 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 192

Today was holiday in Brasil and I made nothing but plans.

2017-11-02 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 193

I had some nearly private jet experience on friday.

2017-11-03 — São Paulo, Congonhas

dia 194

Dia 194 – Brazil still surprises me sometimes. Like with this quiet parc in Rio’s crowdy Zona Norte.

2017-11-04 — Rio de Janeiro, Quinta Da Boa Vista

dia 195

There are a lot of good reasons to spend a spontaneous weekend in Rio but some feel better than others.

2017-11-05 — Rio de Janeiro, Forte de Copacabana

dia 196

»Literatura de Cordel« is typical for Brazil’s north east. The booklets contain various contents – from short stories to comments on current events.

2017-11-06 — Rio de Janeiro, Feira São Cristóvão

dia 197

On the flight back, I saw sun, moon and stars all together.

2017-11-07 — Somewhere between Rio and São Paulo

dia 198

I fell in love with this huge amount of balloons lying alone on the floor.

2017-11-08 — Rio de Janeiro, Feira São Cristóvão

dia 199

In front of Brazilian passport authority, a guy helps people to complete the webforms offline: He uses printed blank copies and fills in the information with a typewriter.

2017-11-09 — São Paulo, Lapa

dia 200

A whole world of new ice cream flavours to discover in Brazil – I tried pitanga this time.

2017-11-10 — Rio de Janeiro, Feira São Cristóvão

dia 201

I prepared some colour print tests this week.

2017-11-11 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 202

The big advantage of a sunday morning run in Brazil is that there is always a coco nut waiting at the end of the way.

2017-11-12 — São Paulo, Parque Aclimação

dia 203

Most of the buildings have not only a number, but also a name.

2017-11-13 — São Paulo, Higienópolis

dia 204

Oscar Niemeyer is watching over Avenida Paulista. He seems to enjoy the sun today.

2017-11-14 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista

dia 205

The neighbours have already decorated for christmas.

2017-11-15 — São Paulo, Vila Mariana

dia 206

The visa authority is located in a lonely industrial area at the end of an one hour bus drive.

2017-11-16 — São Paulo, Lapa

dia 207

I do not know who started to paint the sidewalk.

2017-11-17 — São Paulo, Paraíso

dia 208

It keeps feeling weird to see winter Christmas decoration, when there is actually summer.

2017-11-18 — São Paulo, Parque Ibirapuera

dia 209

I recently found a favourite brand for toothpicks.

2017-11-19 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 210

This indoor garden is part of an exhibition in Museu de Arte Moderna.

2017-11-20 — São Paulo, Parque Ibirapuera, MAM

dia 211

Caio sorted his crayons for therapeutic reasons and I made a picture of it for aestethic reasons.

2017-11-21 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 212

The interesting thing about these trees is that not the flowers but the leafs are pink.

2017-11-22 — Rio de Janeiro, Quinta Da Boa Vista

dia 213

Speaking of colored leafs: I also like these really much.

2017-11-23 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 214

These trees are also fascinating: The trunk is covered with thorns.

2017-11-24 — São Paulo, Parque Aclimação

dia 215

A hole appeared in the middle of the street behind my house. I think I saw something moving in there.

2017-11-25 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 216

Somehow this graffiti wall feels »cosier« than others.

2017-11-26 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 217

Today was incredibly wet.

2017-11-27 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 218

This flower is totally ignoring the safety measures.

2017-11-28 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 219

It is beautiful that every egg has a slightly different color, size and shape.

2017-11-29 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 220

I have not decided yet if burocracy in Brazil is worse or just different. Let’s say it is burocracy.

2017-11-30 — São Paulo, Lapa

dia 221

This mango is tiny.

2017-12-01 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 222

Going by bike in São Paulo is different from going by bike in Europe. Bikers have to fight for their rights a lot, but I have the impression that it is slowly improving.

2017-12-02 — São Paulo, Avenida 23 de Maio

dia 223

On sundays is sometimes a parrot trainer in the parc.

2017-12-03 — São Paulo, Parque Aclimação

dia 224

I might have found the end of the rainbow. Lots of pots here, but where is my gold?

2017-12-04 — São Paulo, Centro

dia 225

It sometimes irritates me really much to see German »artefacts« in Brazil.

2017-12-05 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista

dia 226

I am not sure about this.

2017-12-06 — São Paulo, Pinheiros

dia 227

Today’s rain was soft and warm.

2017-12-07 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 228

I learned that – after four hours of waiting – even famous Brazilian patience comes to an end.

2017-12-08 — São Paulo, Congonhas

dia 229

This place used to be a casino. Nowadays there is a design school in the renovated part and the ruins for art installations.

2017-12-09 — Rio de Janeiro, IED

dia 230

I am really lacking christmas feeling this year.

2017-12-10 — Rio de Janeiro, Leblon

dia 231

Because of the bright floodlight Copacabana beach is easy to identify from the air.

2017-12-11 — Rio de Janeiro, Zona sul

dia 232

Let’s say the bridge leading to Congonhas airport is adventurous.

2017-12-12 — São Paulo, Congonhas

dia 233

I am nearly sure that the universe sent me secret messages through this jacket, because I had a bad day.

2017-12-13 — São Paulo, Avenida Paulista

dia 234

I try to completely charge the manioc batteries before I travel to Europe.

2017-12-14 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 235

There is this magical madness in last working days.

2017-12-15 — São Paulo, Itaim Bibi

dia 236

I woke up at 6 o’clock and had a coffee on the balcony.

2017-12-16 — São Paulo, Aclimação

dia 237

On the way to the airport, I remembered the day when I arrived.

2017-12-17 — São Paulo

dia 238

I had such a nice conversation with the belly next to me that I missed the moment when we left Brazil. But it doesn’t make a difference – in two weeks I’ll be back.

2017-12-18 — Somewhere over Brazil


Nice to meet you. My name is Annika and I am a graphic designer from Germany. At the moment I’m spending some time in Brazil. On this blog I share a picture from my experience abroad every day.